• After two days start applying a minimal amount of aftercare balm twice a day.
  • Your tattoo needs to breathe to heal, DO NOT put too much aftercare balm or it may affect the quality of your tattoo.
  • Your tattoo will peel and scab, this is normal. DO NOT pick it, let your tattoo heal naturally.
  • Excess tattoo ink may stain linen, protect these items.

DO NOT swim or soak in spa/bath/ocean for about two weeks or until the tattoo has completely healed (showering is ok). DO NOT apply soap to your healing tattoo and pat dry.

Licence Numbers as per Australian State Government requirements:

Coomera - 4228874  |  Surfers Paradise - 4131666  |  Southport - 4157615  |  Lutwyche - 4257492  |  Garden City - 4306302

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